A little research into the exciting new herbal weight loss product currently taking the dieting world by storm, forskolin extract, should take you to the website of a product called Forskolin Pure. Those of us who have purchased herbal diet products in the past and been disappointed would be wise to be cautious. But what seems to set this website apart from others offering similar products is the level of information and clinical research available to read, allowing the consumer to make a studied and considered decision before purchasing.

What is Forskolin Extract ?

Forskolin is the primary active compound found in the leaves of a plant called Coleus Forskohlii. Studies have shown that a compound created from the plant's extracts can contribute to fat loss, suppressed appetite and improved well-being. Described by Dr.s as 'lightening in a bottle' , recent clinical research claims that forskolin extract when used in the correct dosage can significantly reduce body fat and promote general health and wellbeing. A study of 30 obese and overweight subjects over a period of twelve weeks was conducted by Obesity Journal into the benefits of forskolin extract and is referenced on the Forskolin Pure website with impressive results. Fifteen people in the study were given a placebo while the other fifteen were given the optimum dose of the extract. At the end of the twelve week period the group taking the forskolin extract had a significant decrease in body mass percentage and had increased their lean body mass.

How Does Forskolin Extract Work?

Forskolin extract sets itself apart from other diet products because of the dual effect it has on our bodies. Not only does forskolin reduce fat in the body and prevent further fat gain, it has the added effect of reducing the appetite. The extract works by activating an enzyme in our bodies called adenylate cylase which breaks down fatty deposits. Fortunately, the benefits don’t end there, research into forskolin extract has demonstrated that it has a beneficial effect on heart, eye and digestive health.

Forskolin Pure

Why choose Forskolin Pure over other similar products on the market? The creators of this product would suggest that the answer lies in its purity. Formulated in accordance with Dr.s criteria for an effective forskolin product, Forskolin Pure contains no fillers, binders or artificial products and has 500mg of forskolin extract in each dose, the optimum dose for weight loss. Most other products contain half the amount of forskolin extract needed to aid weight loss. The makers of this product believe the purity of their product makes it twice as effective as other products on the market. They also testify that Forskolin Pure is manufactured to the highest possible standards in a state of the art FDA registered laboratory and under the strict guidelines of the USA Food and Drug Administration.

Forskolin Pros and Cons

The advantages to taking Forskolin Pure herbal supplements for health and wellbeing seem to be overwhelming. The clinical research is available to read on the website as are endorsements by medical practitioners. There are links to other websites to obtain information and the reviews from customers who have purchased the product before are available to read. The clinical research referenced on the website did not discover any adverse side effects in its study. However, it should be noted that the study of the benefits of forskolin extract did not include subjects who took anti-hypertensive or anti-asthmatic medication or those subjects with low blood pressure or gastric ulcers.

Purchasing Forskolin Pure

For those that make the decision to purchase Forskolin Pure, the website is secure and user friendly. All purchases come with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. Orders are despatched on the day the order is received and the company will ship international orders. There are a variety of payment options. The company supplying Forskolin Pure offer a number of offers with regard to their product. The best value package is the 6 bottle package which costs $137.70 whilst the 3 bottle package comes in at $90.70. For those who would prefer to try a sample before they commit to a long term supply 1 bottle (1 month's supply) is $49.95. It should be noted though that the effects of taking Foreskolin Pure will be more noticeable when taken over a three month period, something you may wish to consider if you decide to limit your purchase to one month’s supply.