Garcinia Cambogia – Can it Help You Lose Weight

Garcinia Cambogia Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that looks like a pumpkin and grows in India and Southeast Asia, it is also known as Tamarind fruit. This fruit contains an acid called Hydroxycitric acid that increases the bodies metabolic rate, helps the body burn fat fast, producing more energy and increasing the bodies Serotonin levels which is a chemical that helps reduces stress levels and chances of depression.

Garcinia Cambogia has been in use for hundreds of years in Asia for appetite suppression and due to its prevention of the formation of fat qualities. It is a safe natural supplement for losing weight. It helps people lose weight by increasing the metabolic rate, reducing the patient’s appetite, increasing the body’s energy levels by burning of fat. It also helps in reducing chances of stress and depression by increasing the rate at which the body produces Serotonin, a chemical that when the body has little amounts of it could lead to stress or depression complications. Hydroxycitric acid in the supplement is responsible for all the positive effects, the recommended amount of this acid in the supplement are about 60%.

Advantages of Garcinia Cambogia Supplement

Garcinia-Cambogia-Extracts1. Suppresses appetite and food cravings

Studies have shown that Garcinia Cambogia assists in reducing a patient’s food cravings and high appetite, this is crucial in the loss of weight process as one can only reduce weight if they are burning more calories than they are consuming and overeating could definitely jeopardize that. It also helped by the fact that it contains no caffeine as is the case with many supplements.

2. Boosts the process of burning fat

Fat in the body comes from the liver turning excess sugar in the body to fats, the supplement containing HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) helps in turning the excess sugar into energy before the liver gets a chance to turn that sugar into fat.

3. Helps in improving mood

A person’s mood is highly dependent on their Serotonin levels, this is a chemical that when it’s in high quantities in the body a person has high moods but stress sets in when the amount of this chemical reduces in the body. Garcinia Cambogia achieves this by increasing the rate at which the body produces Serotonin. High moods are good for people with eating disorders and people struggling with weight as it helps avoid emotional weight and ensure that they eat when they need to not when they want to.

4. Lowers cholesterol levels

Hydroxycitric acid in Garcinia Cambogia is known to reduce lipid levels in the blood and lower the levels of cholesterol in the blood, this helps in improving the overall health of the patient.

5. Prevention of belly fat

Hydroxycitric acid in the Garcinia Cambogia helps in preventing the formation of the enzyme Citrate Lyase that helps stop ingested sugars from turning into fat, along with this it helps monitor the levels of Cortisol which when left unchecked causes the formation of belly fat.

6. It’s all natural

Harmful chemicals in supplements are always a worry to people seeking to use them; unlike most those supplements Garcinia Cambogia supplements are made of natural ingredients so that you will not have to worry about what you are putting into your body.

7. Not everyone should take this supplement

Although Garcinia Cambogia can be taken by most people there are a few exemptions, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take this drugs, people with Alzheimer’s or dementia are also advised not to take this drugs without consulting a doctor.

8. Don’t mix with other drugs

Individuals who are already under other medication are also advised not to take this supplement while still taking their other drugs. This is especially for those taking medicine to reduce body cholesterol or people on other supplements as mixing different supplements can lead to muscle degeneration.

Benefits of Using Garcinia Cambogia

  •     1. It helps in the suppression of appetite .
  •     2. Helps in blocking the production of fat.
  •     3. It is crucial in the increase in production of Serotonin which improves a patients mood.
  •     4. Helps to maintain healthy Cortisol, which assists in avoiding the formation of belly fat.

When you buy Garcinia Cambogia supplements from large stores like Walmart there are a lot of guarantees made and you are to believe them without any options, this is the reason that it is advisable to buy this drugs on the internet where you get a period of one month, after buying this drugs where you can return them if you have any problems with them for whatever reason. It is also possible to learn more about these supplements if you buy them from a Garcinia Cambogia dealer. It is therefore advisable to buy these supplements online where it’s cheaper than Walmart and you get a one month money back guarantee. The supplement cost around $30.

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