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While we may have tested some of the products that have been lined up on this website, it would be important to note that NOT every single product on display has been tested. This is simply because the names of most products on the market change on a frequent basis making it difficult to track them all down for testing purposes. However, while we do not test every product, we do ensure that the ingredients of any untested product are properly screened and analyzed. In addition to that, any results obtained from the tests can be viewed on the website.

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Accessing or using any of our product implies you are eighteen years or above and that you have duly read our agreement and you consent to our terms of service.. We reserve the right of relying on the information you provided us and we may contact you via postal mail, telephone or email when need arises. Any visitors on the website need to acknowledge the fact that the names and photos appearing on the website do not belong to the people who tested the products. However, this is not to say that the results are falsified. They are very real and may only differ due to differences in individual metabolism as well as body chemistry.

While we do acknowledge that these products will be helpful in your journey towards losing those pounds, we would like to make it known that the products are not absolute in their 'duties'. Simply put, these products must be taken in combination with other measures such as healthier diets and regular exercise for them to work fully.

Use of Forskolin

The products you purchase from this website also will be for your personal and not commercial use whatsoever. You further agree that you will not re distribute, resell or export any product that you order from us. We do not and won’t assume any obligation of providing you a notice of any change in our terms and conditions, you are not therefore under any circumstances eligible to alter or change any information in this document and doing so is an offence that can be prosecuted in a court of law.

Our company is the proud owner of several online properties. Our reviews are primarily based on the real life experiences of real people. To keep these reviews real and genuine, we opt to outsource the task of testing the products to relatives, business partners and associates as well as friends.

Warranty that there is 30 days

The warranties as well as representations specifically agreed forth in this pact happen to be the only representations in regard of this document and are further in lieu of all other warranties, either oral or written, implied or expressed and any other that may arise as an agreement between parties governed by operation of the law. We there assure that there is a 30 day warranty but the warranty shall not, under any circumstances be extended to a third party.

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We generally advise anyone visiting any of our websites to ensure that they read through the respective Terms and Conditions of each of the websites. Also bear in mind that negative billing is the main principle applied. What this means is that anyone who fails to cancel a purchase within the specified time that has been given stands to continue being billed every month until they cancel. The website allows the consumer a window period of 30 days to decide if they like the product or not.