What Is Forskolin

How Does Forskolin Help You Loose Weight?

2Want to lose weight? Looking for a natural way to breakdown the fats that are stored in the fat cells? Then Forskolin extract is all that you need. The Forskolin extract is obtained from an herbal plant. The extract is found in the root of the Coleus Forskohlii plant. Forskolin extract consist of a natural and organic chemical compound that is regarded as a catalyst for the weight loss. Forskolin extract is used mostly to increase the cyclic AMP (adenosine monophosphate) levels by increasing the intercellular levels of the cAMP and also triggers the release of adenylyl cyclase enzyme. The cAMP has several effects on the body. For instance, it is necessary for proper biological response of the cells to hormones and other signals outside the cells that are desired for fat burning mechanisms within the body,

What Is Forskolin?


The plant from which the Forskolin is extracted has been used in the past to treat heart disorders namely; high blood pressure and chest pains. Forskolin was also used to treat respiratory disorders such as asthma, digestive disorders such as stomachache, gastric and intestinal spasm, skin burns, and wounds. Other conditions treated using the Forskolin include; neck stiffness, rheumatism, induced menstruation and oral contraceptive.

Forskolin can be taken by orally, by inhaling or even in liquid form. When taken by mouth, Forskolin extract is used to treat allergies and skin conditions, obesity, menstrual periods that are painful, infections at the urinary tract and bladder, irritable bowel syndrome, blood clot, cancer, men sexual problems and insomnia.

When the Forskolin is given intravenously it is used to treat heart failures. The Forskolin powder is inhaled while treating asthma. The drops of the Forskolin extract can be used to treat glaucoma.

Currently, Forskolin extract that contain high level of Forskolin are being manufactured to treat the same conditions.

In general, Forskolin acts on the blood vessels walls and the heart muscles to generate more powerful heartbeat and widen the blood vessels which in turn lower the blood pressure. However, Forskolin has multiple application areas and thus extra caution should be highly exercised while using it. Also studies indicate that the oral and inhalation use of Forskolin extract are limited since they are not effective enough.

What Forskolin Is and What It's Good For?

There is a possibility that the use of the Forskolin is safe for most adults when administered intravenously, inhaled, or even when the Forskolin drops are applied to eyes.

Although it is safe, it has some side effects. When given intravenously, Forskolin can cause flushing and lower the blood pressure of an individual who uses it. It may also affect the treatment of the blood vessels and the heart and even the condition much worse. Forskolin can cause irritation at the throat, coughing, tremor and restlessness when its powder is inhaled. Forskolin drops on the eye can result in stinging and itching effect.

Traditionally, Forskolin was used induce menstruation and also as an oral contraceptive. Information regarding its safety, effectiveness and efficiency in these cannot be established. However, when used during the pregnancy period, Forskolin has a possibility of being unsafe as it may affect the growth of the fetus. Also there are cases of embryo-related toxicity that have been reported. However, there is limited information concerning these.

From the adverse events that have been reported show that the use of Forskolin result in rapid and irregular heart rate and thus it should be evaded by patients suffering from polycystic kidney disease.

When used in some people with bleeding disorders it may increase the risk of bleeding even more during a surgery and after the surgery.

The Benefits Of Forskolin?

Forskolin provides a very cheap way of losing weight as it tremendously increases the rate of metabolism causing the burning of the stored fats in the fat cells leading to the loss of the fat which in turn causes the loss of weight. Forskolin does this by increasing the levels of cyclic AMP that help the cells to communicate with each other and regulate sensitive lipase hormone which is an enzyme that burns fats in the human body.

Forskolin helps the people who struggle with the gaining of weight, lean muscle production and those individuals experiencing extremely low energy levels.

Since there is limited information about Forskolin extract, it is evident from research that, Forskolin help in decreasing the fat mass and percentage. There is also increased in the level of the testosterone levels. However, the research also shows that Forskolin does not seem to help weight loss directly but it may be helping in stopping weight gain in overweight people.

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